My Top Tips on How to Use Painter’s Mate Painter’s Tape

We are finally back on track with the powder room renovation again and I’m so excited to be at the painting stage. The space is really starting to come together and adding paint makes it feel like we’re nearing the finish line. Woohoo! I’ve only done the wall colour so far, but you can get a […]


I QUIT my job! Now what…

For those of you who follow along on my Instagram Stories, I mentioned a few days ago that I had some news to share today…. I QUIT MY JOB. I guess I better back up first and explain how we got here. In Canada we get a full year maternity leave, meaning I was supposed […]


2017 ASCFG Growers Meeting – New Friends & Flowers

Earlier this week I had the chance to do something that really pushed me outside of my comfort zone with our Cloverhill Flowers business. As many of you know, this is our second year and I still feel like we have so much to learn. Our friend Janet from Country Cut Flowers couldn’t attend the second day of […]


Mediterranean Pasta Salad

With all the backyard barbecues and parties coming up on this long weekend, it seemed like a great time to share one of my favourite potluck dishes – Mediterranean Pasta Salad. This one has a delicious lemon oregano vinaigrette and is loaded with fresh vegetables, some of which you may even be able to find in your backyard […]