Deck the Halls!

The weather outside is frightening, but hopefully my little abode is much more inviting. Let me show you what I’ve been up to decorating my place for Christmas. Its been a busy year with work and life, so I didn’t go out to get anything new. Which means that this is decorating on the cheap (recession-style), using things I already had or that I could pick up close by for a couple of dollars.

 Decorating the living room to make it cozy and inviting to holiday guests is one of my favorite things. It’s nice to be able to turn on the tree, start the fire, burrow under the throw and watch a Christmas movie.

A few years ago my mother picked up this cozy quilted throw for me and put it away, never to think about it again. Then when I bought my couch, we found the throw and it was like it had been made to match my living room. It has the same raspberry red as the couch and the cream as the chairs. Whiskey is a big fan of hiding underneath it…who am I kidding, he is a big fan of hiding under ANY blanket.

 This year I decided to forgo the real tree and use a small plastic tree from my childhood room, which I tucked into a stone pot. (I had to remove about 20 years of petrified tinsel that was wound around every branch, but now it looks good as new). I’ve started collecting miniature nutcrackers the past few years, which is kind of ironic considering that I am allergic to nuts…but they are just too cute.

For an inexpensive centerpiece for the coffee table, I took a rectangular tray and pillar candles that I had, and filled the remaining space with various gold bows and silver jingle bells for $2. I love the way that the bows reflect the candle light around the room.

Whiskey and I hung up our stockings on the fireplace/space heater, which is keeping us very toasty these days.

And of course my beloved Maltese Falcon makes a special appearance in his Santa cap. Who knew such a noble bird could look so festive.

To spruce up the kitchen table, I took a candy cane upholstery runner that I was given years ago and added some candles, pine cones and fake berries for a outdoorsy touch.

The pine cones were collected from my parent’s backyard this Fall and its like a little bit of my hometown here in the city.

Yummy natural beeswax candles. My favorite.

And during the holidays what kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a big plate of Double Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies – way too tempting to resist.


With such a small apartment, my bedroom tends to become a second living space during get-togethers, so I wanted to have a few little holiday touches in there as well.


I switched my usual navy and coloured flower bedding, for a graphic red and white patterned duvet cover, paired with thick deep chocolate brown cotton sheers.


I used an old men’s plaid shirt to cover one of the accent pillows. Whiskey is watching the snow falling outside…probably dreaming about frolicking in the snow with Shadow.


For a simple arrangement that doesn’t need watering, I took three egg shaped bud vases, and filled them with red and gold wired berries, and painted pine cones.


I love the molted pattern of this vase. It adds a whole new dimension to the piece.

And on the other nightstand I have a whimsical snow globe that is a treasured Christmas gift.

Whiskey was awfully curious about it when I shook it up.

I picked up these cute snowmen towels for $10 at Walmart last year, and they perfectly match my turquoise and lime green colour scheme in the bathroom. Its a great way to put a smile on your face when you wake up in the morning. Who can resist cute little snowmen!

On the banister leading up to my apartment, I added a fake garland (easy maintenance), and hung handmade felt ornaments to greet visitors who brave the steep climbs.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be posting more holiday ideas every day over the next two weeks leading up to Christmas, so stop by!

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  1. says

    Your kitchen table looks lovely! And I love your stockings! Whiskey looks like a very sweet dog!

    Hope to see you next week for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash!

  2. says

    I just love all the little details that you have incorporated in your holiday decorating. You have got the cutest things like those Christmas towels but I just love little Whiskey’s stocking the most.

    Thank you for the guided tour of your gorgeous home.

    Best Christmas wishes, Natasha.

  3. says

    I love your apartment – takes me back to my own apartment days. I just loved fixing up my little spot, and you do too – it’s charming!! Give Whiskey a hug for me :)

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