Peeps Cupcakes

One of my favourite things about having big family gatherings is getting the chance to make fun desserts that I’d never make for just myself. For Easter weekend, I thought I’d make some fun cupcakes using one of my favourite Easter treats – marshmallow Peeps.

Add a little rich buttercream icing on top of perfect little cupcakes and you’ve got a dessert that isn’t only festive, but easy to make too!

They were a big hit with little kids and big kids alike.

Yesterday morning I got up early and gathered all the goodies to make these delicious little cupcakes to take to my family’s Good Friday lunch. Nothing says “Easter Candy” quite like those sugary marshmallow Peeps! I also used some super cute Easter themed cupcake liners that my mom found during our trip to the United States last month.

While we were away we also picked up this fun Betty Crocker Spring Party Chip cake mix and it seemed like the perfect mix for these cupcakes. Following the instructions on the box, I made 24 cupcakes and let them cool before I got to decorating them.


To make a grass/nest texture for the icing, I used the leaf tip on this old icing press that my great grandmother used to use. It may not be as fancy as a modern press, but there is just something about using an old baking tool that you know four generations of your family have used.

I mixed up a nice batch of Buttercream Icing (using the Wilton’s recipe) and added a little green food colouring. Using the icing press, I piped a messy grass or nest texture all over the top of the cupcakes.

All that was missing was a nice little Peep nestled on the grass.

To take them to our family lunch, I set them on a nice dish surrounding a big bowl of Easter jelly beans.

The Peeps turned out to be a great way to keep the plastic wrap from disturbing the icing as they took the two hour drive to my grandfather’s house.

The little birdies made it safe and sound to lunch for everyone to enjoy.

One person who especially loved them was my cousin’s little boy. He couldn’t help eyeing them as soon as they came through the door.

He was awfully happy to be the first taste tester :)

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