“Wile E. Coyote” Dog Costume

I love to dress up for Halloween and making a costume is always a blast, so it was no surprise that when I adopted Whiskey a few years ago, I knew I’d be making him costumes too. He loves to wear sweaters (with 0% body fat, he needs it) which makes putting on a costume easy. He just thinks its a sweater!


The first year I had him, I made him a Taco Costume in honour of the Chihuahua in him.
Then last year I made him Bat Wings to compliment his batty ears.
© Warner Bros
This year I decided to take my little bird hunter and turn him into another animal obsessed with catching a bird – Wile E. Coyote.

After some quick crafting, this is the little number I came up with. A simple rocket strapped to his back, complete with “ACME” logo and a lit fuse.

I used all recycled materials, or things that I already had around the house:

  • empty pop can (I was happy to empty it for the project)
  • beer bottle box (Garrett was happy to empty that one too)
  • scraps of felt: red, black and yellow
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks


It all started with an empty pop can. I used this as the base of the rocket.
To cover the stop and bottom, I traced the can onto cardboard and cut out two circles. I hot glued these to the can. I also cut out two slightly larger circles out of felt to cover the cardboard circles.
To make the cone I traced a plate onto thin cardboard and cut out the circle.
Then Icut out a quarter of the circle. Doesn’t it look like Pacman?
When you roll up the “Pacman” circle, you’ll get a cone!

This is a horribly blurry picture, but I hope that it shows that I just covered everything in red felt. To cover the cone, I just copied the “Pacman” circle onto the felt and made it slightly bigger. To cover the can, I made a strip of red felt, slightly bigger than the can. I used hot glue to attach everything and it worked great – just watch your fingers. Its hot!


To make the “fuse”, I cut a small hole in the bottom of the can, put a tab of glue on the end of a black pipe cleaner and then glued it in the hole.

I made sure that it was twice as long as I wanted it, so that I could fold it in hand and twist it down.


In the loop of the twist, I added some felt scraps of yellow felt, with orange marker drawn on a few of them. Doesn’t it look like a lit fuse now?


I attached the cone to the base of the rocket with hot glue, and then added some cut out black felt letters to spell “ACME” on both sides.


For straps, I cut strips of black felt that fit around his belly and across his chest and attached them to the underside of the rocket with got glue. For now I’m using safety pins to put it on him, but I’m hoping to pick up some velcro tonight and just stitch some on there instead.


And there you have it! A simple little homemade “rocket” for my favourite Coyote.

I think he looks awfully cute, but it took us a few tries to get him to stay still and even then he needed some help.


He’s just far too excited to go catch himself some Road Runner.

Happy Halloween!

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