Bathroom Ideas from Pinterest

My goal this week is to finally get our bathroom fixed up. We’ve been making do with what little storage is in there, but now we’re looking for creative ways to maximize the space.
As you can see in this photo, the only storage is a shallow three door medicine cabinet and a shallow cupboard under the sink, which is mostly filled with plumbing. The only options for hanging towels is the bar on the shower (which I place the hand towel on), the towel bar on the left (which I accidentally knocked out of the wall.) and a clumsy hook on the door which towels tend to fall off of. There is also no storage for extra towels or toilet paper, and no space for anything decorative. I’ve added a toilet paper holder and one small basket with face towels on the back of the toilet but thats about all that has changed since we moved in.
Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, there are many great ideas brewing in my mind and this is the week I’m going to do them. The main goals are to add more storage, somewhere to hang wet towels and a little bit of fun decor to warm the place up.
My first thought is to add a small shelf with hooks along the wall for towels to hang and a few pictures frames above.
I’d probably go with something like this – fewer hooks, but still plenty of hanging storage. My only concern is that we occasionally turn on the space heater below where the towels would hang. It would just be a matter of changing our habits.
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
As for storing bathroom supplies, I’m leaning towards adding narrow shelves above the toilet, similar to these ones here.
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest
I think this would use up the wasted space above the toilet and add plenty of space to put all our toiletries and store some extra things for guests as well.
Another storage option I’m looking at is small stackable bins under the sink, or a small shelf on the cabinet door. The biggest obstacle is the shallowness of the cabinet itself.
For the shelves above the toliet, I’m looking at finding a couple of smaller industrial bins like these above. I also have a few other uses for them throughout the house. Anyone out there in Ontario who happens to know where you can get these plain bins for a reasonable price, please email me!
Source: via Katie on Pinterest
As for on the shelves, I want to get a few jars and tins to hold all the various bits and pieces. Maybe even a few weaved baskets for the towels.
I recently broke the plastic hand soap dispenser we have (don’t ask me how I did it, because I don’t even know), so I’ve decided its a sign that I need to get a more permanent solution. I’m on the lookout for a nice simple hand pump, like this one.
The last solution I’ve been looking at, is possibly putting multiple towel rods on the back of the bathroom door instead of hanging them on the hooks. It would keep the towels away from the heater, but you also might be able to see them from outside the washroom when the door is open.
There are so many options to ponder over and I think I want to keep doing a bit more research over the next couple of days. Either way, by this time next week I want the bathroom to function better and look prettier than it does right now. Do you ever get to the point where enough is enough?

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    Lovely ideas! Bathroom design is very important, even if you had a small size bathroom. It’s necessary to find the right elements to make it comfortable. For example, I have the w+w model of Roca, that allows me to use the sink water for the tank.


  2. eMoov says

    Adding a natural lighting for your small bathroom is a good idea. It can make a small space look wider than it is supposed to be. Take advantage of this one if you are planning to have a home improvement project.

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