Garden Plant Markers

Our little community garden has been going great! I love popping in there every couple of days and seeing how things are going. It’ll be awhile until we see any real progress, but I’m hopefully.

Originally I was using those little plastic tags that come with the plants to mark each one, but I was worried that over time they would be lost…and frankly they looked a little ugly.

I wanted to make some fun plant markers that were simple enough to whip up on a weeknight and sturdy enough to withstand the elements.


We found these local stones for free and I got to work cleaning them up a bit. Just an old rag with a little bit of water got most of the dirt off of them. I left them in the sun on the porch to dry quickly.

Using painters tape, I measured off 3″ x 1.25″ rectangles. I painted within the tape lines, using outdoor acrylic paint (Michaels). When the painting was finished, I carefully removed the tape and let the stones dry overnight.
Using a sharpie, I drew various border designs. They also helped cover up any spots where the paint leaked under the tape!
Then I wrote the names of all the vegetables we had planted.
Using a finer tip permanent marker, I filled in all the little gaps that the larger marker missed. The bumpier the rock, the more gaps there are.
All done and ready to head to the garden!
It was quite the bike ride over to the garden to lay these down.
Always thankfully for my strong man and his ability to carry a million pounds of rocks in a backpack the whole way there.
We laid the stones among their plants and then got to work with our watering.
This one is my favourite. I made it like a warning sign on purpose. Look Out! Those Hot Peppers are HOT!

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  1. says

    These are SO cute!! My dad just put in a raised garden bed and I’ve been looking for ideas for garden markers; these are the first I’ve found that would suit his style. I’m gonna go grab some rocks from our garden and get painting! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. Pat says

    When finished I would suggest a couple of coats if modge podge or varnish so sun doesn’t fade and water doesn’t wash away colour.


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