Botanical Prints in the Bedroom for $6

After months of talking about putting up artwork above the bed in the bedroom, I finally got around to doing it. Now I wish I’d done it sooner, because it really made the room feels like an (almost) completed room. As an added bonus, I was also able to do it under an hour and for only $6.

I have always loved the look of a series of botanical prints.
Just to give you a recap of what we’ve done in the room, here is what it looked like after we installed wallmount lamps on either side of the bed and added a headboard I found (for a $5 donation!).
In the spring, I updated the linens and pillows to cooler colours, bringing out the soft greens and blues in the duvet. The one thing that was missing was some artwork above the headboard, to help break up some of the blank walls.
There isn’t much space between the headboard and the ceiling (we have a dropped ceiling in that room), so I went for a line of frames, instead of a square of frames.
The botanical prints I used are from a free antique German botanical field guide where you can download the PDF and take out the photos you would like. Below are the four that I chose.

Dina from Honey & Fitz has a great tutorial on how to take the photos from the PDF, including page numbers for various flowers and fruit prints.

To make the matting, I cut strips of dark green cardstock into one inch pieces to go around the edge.
To put the frames up, I used 3M Command Strips, which are like heavy duty plastic velcro. They are great for light weight frames, like these ones. They are nice because they keep the frame flush to the wall, which works well for a room like this, where you can see the side of the frame as you walk into the room, rather than seeing the hooks.

Here is a quick breakdown of the costs and supplies:
Frames: 4 x $1 = $4
Botanicals: free (and printed on good quality paper I already had).
Matting: free (using thick cardstock I already had)
3M Command Strips: 4 x $0.50 = $2



Not bad for a quick project to add some interest to the walls. Now that the frames are in place with the Command Strips, I can easily swap out the artwork for something else later down the road.

Now I just need to work on the opposite wall! I’ve added the antique frame from the old apartment’s living room and hung it above the dresser. Now I just need something in the right corner. Maybe a standing lamp with a chair to add some more light to this otherwise very dark bedroom.
I know someone who loves a good nap in this room when the sunbeams come in.

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  1. says

    Looks fantastic! I love botanical prints. I did the something similar in our living room. Unfortunately, our printer couldn’t handle printing that much color, so I had to pay to have mine printed. But I love, love, love the look!!

  2. says

    LOVE this!!! this is totally something that would look great in our bedroom…I might need your help a bunch actually as we will most likely be moving in the next 6 months :)


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