Advent Calendar Cookie Jar {Sewn Paper Pouches}


With my peanut allergy, it can be really hard to find advent calendars that are peanut-free and safe to eat. This year I decided to make Garrett and I our own homemade advent calendar, using sewn paper pouches in a festive cookie jar.



Everyday, we get to reach inside and pull out a little paper pouch, with a little treat inside for each of us.



To make the little pouches, I cut took two pieces of craft paper and then traced a glass to get my circle. Just make sure that the shape you make is big enough for the treats to go inside, with a little extra room around the sides.


Using red thread, I stitched around the circle until I got about halfway, then put the candy inside and stitched up the rest of the circle.


I decided to make a variety of shapes – circles, stars, triangles, stockings, rectangles, diamonds.


Then I numbered them all with a marker, from 1-24.


When it’s time to open them up, all you have to do it rip them in half and the candy pops out!


The cookie jar was a great garage sale find last spring, for only $3.


It has cute little mittens and snowflakes around the sides.


And a little jingle bell handle on the lid.


It ended up being the perfect size for all 24 pouches to fit inside.


I stacked them in order, so all we have to do is reach in and pull the treat out each day!


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