Autumn Dining Room Table with Tea Towel Runner

Decorating our home for each season is one of my favourite things to do. I grew up in a house where we celebrated each part of the year and I get so excited to do it in our own home now. Whether it’s a bookcase mantel or a new fall wreath, it doesn’t take much time to make it feel special.

This year, I kept my dining room table centrepiece simple. We use this table everyday, so it needed to be something that is easy to move when I need the extra work space, but still adds a little everyday sparkle for this festive time of year.


I filled a large vase with twigs of red-orange berries (the same ones I used on the Autumn Berry Wreath), crate of faux pumpkins from last year’s fall mantel and some of my mercury glass collection. I’ve gotten into the habit of lighting the candles while I’m getting everything ready for dinner and I love the atmosphere that the dapple light of mercury glass adds.


To hold all the pumpkins, I used one of the DIY Vintage Wooden Crates that I made into Salad Planters earlier this spring. Being outside all summer exposed to the elements gave it a great distressed look.


For the table runner, I got a long length of tea towel fabric from a local fabric store and had it cut to size.

I measured the length of the table and then added about 6-8″ to hang over the edge of the table.

It has a great rough linen feel, with striking red stripes, not unlike the Hand Painted Vintage Striped Linen Tea Towels I made this summer.

 I left the edge raw for now, but you could also fold it over twice and hem it.


Happy Harvest!

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