Friday Favourites – Cottage Weekend, A City Visit and Music in the Park

Oh boy, I’m so excited for it to be Friday. It’s been one of those weeks where lots of fun stuff happened so it went by fairly quickly…but it also means our home is kinda in chaos. I was still unpacking last night from our visit to a friend’s cottage last weekend…and that was only because I needed the bags to repack for my cousin’s wedding this weekend. All good things though and lots to be happy about.

Aside from a headache last night (which I cured with fall mums), I’ve been feeling really positive this week. I don’t know if it’s making a conscious effort to go to bed on time, or just getting back into the day-to-day flow, but it’s been goooood. I hope that you’ve all been having a happy week too.

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Last weekend we went to my friend’s cottage for a total recharge with friends. It rained a bit and was a little chilly, but we still found so many fun things to do like walks with the dogs, a visit into town, boardgames (loved this one) and even a canoe ride before we left.

The cottage we stayed at was ridiculously cute. Garrett and I got to stay out in the bunkie and it was just perfect. I could have spent the rest of the summer there if they’d let me, ha!

The dogs were happy to get out exploring. It was Cola’s first weekend at a cottage with us and he did good. I think all the running around tired him out enough to behave! He’s still a young pup who is learning all the time and I’m finding that patience and persistence is key with this little guy.

They even had my friend’s dog Sadie there for some company.She is just a total sweetheart and such a good sport to let our two wild dogs into her domain.

After work on Monday, I drove into Toronto. I had an annual specialist appointment in the city, which meant that I got to stay over at my sister’s new apartment.
She has done such a great job of making it into her own relaxing space. I’ll be sharing more of it (including some DIY projects) on Monday.

Rather than drive, I walked to my appointment and it reminded me of how much I loved this aspect of living in the Toronto. I used to walk everywhere and you see things from a totally different perspective on the street. I saw people of all ages and walks of life and I always have to wonder “where are they going”? I’m still very happy to be living in our small town right now, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Toronto. I learned so much in that time of my life and I had some great times.

Before my appointment, I had time to pop into the Eaton’s Centre and check out a few shops. I always love the displays at Williams-Sonoma. If I won the lottery, I think I’d need to buy out the whole store.

The next night we headed out on our usual walk around the block with the dogs to check out all the beautiful gardens in the neighbourhood. As much as I love my little porch plants, I can’t wait to have a real garden someday.

We made our way over to the weekly music in the park event. I love that we live in a town that does events that bring out the community. This week was a Garth Brooks tribute and the band was great.

The food trucks were out, so there were lots of people getting treats.

I couldn’t help but grab a bag of some of my favourite kettle corn.

I seriously love Auntie Jo’s Kettle Corn because is it nut free(!) as well as gluten free and dairy free…plus it tastes delicious. I ended up buying a big bag (how could I resist?) and miraculously was able to save some to snack on the next day.

Aren’t Jo and her daughter just the cutest?

Garrett might not have noticed me coming, but those dogs saw me grabbing popcorn from a mile away. We shared the bag, giving them some too…until a sweet little girl fed them her hot dog. They sure know how to meet new friends.

The rest of the show was great, until we got rained out. Then we grabbed our gear and ran back home with the dogs in the rain while we heard the music playing in the distance. I can’t wait to see what they have on stage next week!

/ / /

I still need to pack my last few things for the weekend and figure out which dress I’m going to where (talk about last minute), but I’m really excited to get away with the family this weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun happen this week?

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  1. says

    I’m headed to Wasaga Beach this weekend! It will be nice to relax after the work-week.
    Have fun at your cousin’s wedding tomorrow! Fingers crossed for some nice weather.
    I love your sister’s place, by the way! It looks like she’s in a great location in Toronto :) I used to go to school down there (at Ryerson) so I miss the downtown-life at times, too!

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