Seasons Changing at Blue Mountain

I took a bit of an unplanned blog hiatus this past week. I had so many ideas whirling in my head after the Blissdom Canada conference last weekend that I decided a little time away from the computer was what I needed. It was so nice to have a little break, especially during a busy week of coming back from the conference (how do I have so much laundry?!), rooting for the Blue Jays in the ALCS series and watching our country vote in our new Prime Minister. I still can’t believe it’s already Friday. The week has just flown by. It’s a work weekend for me, including some progress on the 2015 Holiday Guide that is coming out oh so soon!

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Last weekend I had an amazing time at the Blissdom Canada Conference up at Blue Mountain Resort. I’ll be sharing more about the conference next week, but first I wanted to show you how beautiful it was at the resort. It started as a colourful fall weekend and ended with a beautiful snowfall that made the whole place look magical.

On Friday afternoon we had excursions as part of the conference and I chose to do a hike up Blue Mountain followed by a yoga class. After a morning of sitting in sessions, it was so nice to get out and stretch my legs. Especially when this was the view!

The trails were beautiful, weaving their way through the thick forest. We had some rain come through right before that made everything looks so lush in the forest.

On the Saturday night, I headed back into Blue Mountain Village for dinner at Firehall Pizza Co. with some blog friends. We got to watch a bit of the Blue Jays baseball game while eating some of the best pizza I’ve had.

The village was all lit up as we headed back to our hotel. Next time I stay up here, I’d love to stay right in the village and spend more time walking around.


The next morning, I opened the curtains and gasped when I saw this. The first snow fall of the year and it was a big one!

My roommate, Tara from Don’t Lick the Deck, and I opted to stay in and have room service from The Pottery. A spinach, bacon cheddar omelette and fresh fruit hit the spot!

Afterwards, we went back into the village to see how much it had changed overnight. It looked like a Christmas card!

 The same pizza parlour looked quite different under all the snow.

 Seeing bright fall leaves covered in thick snow is kind of surreal.

All the bright fall displays were covered in snow too…which of course got me thinking about the holiday season. It was the perfect day to get me in the mood about working on that upcoming Holiday Guide.

We stopped into some shops in the village, including a peek at the Georgian Christmas Shop. I couldn’t resist.

 I even picked up a new ornament for our first Christmas tree at Cloverhill Farmhouse!

It wasn’t long before the snow started to melt as the sun came out.

 You could still see the colourful trees with a dusting of snow all the way up the mountain side.

 It won’t be long until these ski hills will be open for the season.

A snowy shopping trip through Blue Mountain Village really was the best way to end a perfect conference weekend. I’m glad we stayed around it see it.

On the drive back home, I couldn’t resist stopping a few times to take pictures of all beautiful scenery.

I also made one last stop on my way home to visit my cousins and their 8 week old baby girl. I couldn’t believe how much she had grown since I saw her three weeks ago at the baby shower.

She was full of laughs and baby giggles and oh so much cuteness. I can hardly wait to see them again over the holidays.

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I don’t think I could have asked for a better weekend. A little bit of work, lots of play, time with friends and visiting family – it’s the perfect balance! I hope that whatever this weekend brings you, it’s full of whatever your perfect balance is!


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  1. says

    Taking a little hiatus is always refreshing!
    These pictures are absolutely beautiful, looks like it was a very nice time!
    I’m still recovering from that Jays lost… haha hope you guys have a nice weekend!

  2. says

    I can’t believe how much snow has fallen there already! It looks so magical with all of the snow in your pictures – absolutely gorgeous.

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