A Happy Little Bunny


With all the sunshine and time with family, we had a great weekend celebrating Lucy’s first Easter. As each holiday has rolled around in this first year, I’ve loved being able to share the seasons with her. Growing up, holidays were always a big deal in our house and my parents made them feel so magical. It’s definitely one of the aspects of motherhood that I’ve looked forward to the most and I hope that we’ll be making many lovely memories for Lucy as she gets older.

She is a fast little crawler now and her curious nature made for a fun weekend of exploring everywhere we went. Between visiting family, playing outdoors and doing our own little egg hunt at home, she’s been on the move all weekend.


On Good Friday, we headed down to the city (with macaroni and cheese in tow) for a lovely dinner at my aunt and uncle’s. We hadn’t been to their place in the city since we were there last year, just after they’d finished renovating the whole house.


My parents weren’t able to be home for the holiday, so it’s always nice that they include us and my siblings for the holiday. One of my cousins recently got engaged (!!) and it was great to celebrate in person and talk about all their plans for their wedding next year.


For Lucy’s first Easter, I couldn’t resist dressing her up in the sweetest little dress and cardigan set from my mom. A friend made her this lovely blue bow that went perfectly with the dress and brought out her blue eyes. Don’t you think she’s got a bit of a Princess Charlotte vibe going on? :)


With so much family around to give her endless attention, she was on her best behaviour. Even her favourite little Christmas pup was there for some fun.


With the beautiful spring weather we had, they decided on a great grilled Easter feast. Whenever you get the BBQ out, you know it means spring is here in Ontario. Along with so many appetizers, sides, great wine, and desserts, we were absolutely stuffed when we headed home.


On Saturday, we spent the day at home enjoying all the sunshine. Lucy loves to sit and watch the chickens scratching around in the pen.


Last summer she was too little to really sit out in the grass much, but so far this spring she has been loving exploring our big yard.


Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny made his big arrival with Lucy’s very first Easter basket . Filled with books, treats and a few little toys…the biggest hit was the ribbon and the grass filler, ha!

I shared a few little clips from our morning on my Instagram Stories that day and put together a short video with them. ^^


After a nice afternoon nap, it was off to Garrett’s parents for a delicious Easter Sunday dinner with the in-laws. They pulled out all the stops, with deconstructed caesar salad, French onion soup, white wine & grape chicken, sides galore and nut-free ice cream to cap it all off. If there is one thing we did this weekend – it was eat well!

Garrett is still off today and we’ve been enjoying some downtime and a little work on the master bedroom for the One Room Challenge. I’ll have a new post this Thursday with all our progress from last week.

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