Lucy’s 1st Birthday Party


How quickly a year goes by.


We tried to recreate Lucy’s newborn flower crown photos for her birthday…but quickly realized that keeping it on was much harder with a one-year-old.


A couple of weeks ago we had our families over to the farmhouse for a fun bbq lunch to celebrate our girl turning ONE! I love how our house feels when it’s full of loved ones, especially when it’s nice enough to be out on the porch. I’m so glad we made those wide, deep front steps – everyone gravitates towards them out front.


We kept lunch simple – burgers from the local butcher, hot dogs, green salad, potato salad, coleslaw, Dill Bean Salad, cheese and crackers, chips, watermelon and cupcakes. It was a real group effort, with family offering to bring so many of the goodies.


A big thank you to Garrett’s mom and my mom for not only helping us pull off this party, but also being there with us throughout this whole first year. They were both there the moment Lucy was born and have guided us so much along the way. We’re so lucky that she has such loving grandparents on both sides. :)


When it came time to sing Happy Birthday, our usually outgoing baby was understandably nervous about 40+ people singing to her.


…but once I helped her taste the smash cake my sister made her, she quickly got over all her fears, ha!


I had envisioned her taking the cake and messing up her hair like so many cute babies do…but she just wanted to eagerly suck all the icing right off her fingers. For a kid who’d really never had much dessert before, she was in heaven. Then she took a massive handful of cake and shoved it in her it wasn’t long before we had to take it away. #sugarcoma


We opened some gifts and then she had the inevitable sugar crash and went down for a nap. Overall, it went surprisingly well for the first birthday party and it was wonderful to have so many of our loved ones there to celebrate with us.


This year has been about growth for all of us. Becoming a mother is everything I’d hoped it would be and more…and watching Garrett be such a great dad with her makes me fall in love with him all over again.


A very happy birthday to our sweet little Lucy xoxo

Thank you to all you lovely readers who have followed along with our journey as well. I truly appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to read when I get around to posting, who follows along on Instagram, and who write comments and send messages. I always love to hear from you :)

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