A Fun Family Halloween {Vlog}


Living out in the country has really given me an appreciation of how beautiful each season is. I have loved getting to watch all the leaves change in the distance, and see every field get harvested one-by-one. It won’t be long before these are covered in snow!


We took a little trip out to a farm’s open house this week to tour their greenhouses and fields. It already has me thinking about how we expand our own operation next summer.


Our friends invited us over on the weekend for the cutest kids Halloween party. Lucy had a blast playing with the other kids, doing crafts and pulling the string on the pinata. It was so nice to get out to see our friends, dress up and get Lucy into the Halloween spirit.


On Halloween day I had big hopes of getting a picture of my little ladybug with her ladybug buddies (the dogs), but wrangling all three into a photo was impossible.


I also couldn’t convince any of them to wear the hoods on their costumes. Oh well. They looked cute anyways!


We went around to visit family and friends, and had dinner over at Garrett’s parents so Lucy could watch some of the cute trick-or-treaters come up.


She even went out to see a few houses with us and got right into it. Although, we quickly realized we needed to teach her not to just walk right into everyone’s house. I guess because we’d taken her to people we know all afternoon who were letting us in, she just assumed you walk right inside every time. ha!

We all had a great Halloween and I can hardly wait to see how much she’s into it again next year. For now, here is this week’s vlog about our adventures.

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