Holiday Essentials Shopping List


Throughout the holiday season, we have family dinners, get-togethers with friends and festive parties, and there is nothing quite like running out of coffee in the middle of a family brunch or getting to the last piece of clear tape when you’re in the middle of wrapping a gift. That’s why I come up with a list at the beginning of the holiday season of all the things that we may need to pick up. Then I take my list around the house and see which supplies we need to stock up on. It not only saves me the headache of trying to figure out a quick solution when we’re out of something, but it also saves us money because I can add these things to our regular shopping list and pick them up when I spot them on sale.

I’ve put it together my Holiday Essentials Shopping List to help you stock up over the holidays too. You can find a printable checklist at the end of the post for taking your own inventory for the festive season.


Pantry Staples for Holiday Baking

Start off by going through your cookbooks, recipes and magazines for anything you plan to make this holiday season. Check off the ingredients on your list and add any more that you may need. Then head to the pantry and take stock of what you have, what’s running low and what has gone stale. I usually replace my baking supplies during the holiday season, and then I know that they’re good for the rest of the year.

Hosting Duty Must-Haves

Having family and friends over to celebrate the season is always one of the greatest joys at Christmastime. Stocking up on those things you may need is helpful for entertaining guests – whether they’re planned or just stop by on short notice. Having everything on hand will not only make hostess duties easier but also make your home welcoming to others.

Household Staples

On top of all the festive cheer, you still need to keep your household functioning, right? Grab those regular day-to-day things that you may need in a pinch.

Wrapping Supplies

Giving gifts to others is a lovely way to share the holidays with loved ones and wrapping up the gifts is an important part of the ritual, while adding a festive touch under your tree too. Gather up all the supplies you need and corral them into one place to make wrapping easy. I try to wrap things throughout December as they come in and save myself from having one big wrapping night in those busy days leading right up to Christmas.




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