Getting Creative at the Crayola Experience {Our Pennsylvania Road Trip}

Disclaimer: We were kindly given tickets by Crayola Experience. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We had a great time and would highly recommend it to any families. 

With all the lovely weather we’ve been having this spring, Garrett and I planned a little road trip last week from Ontario to Pennsylvania. I’ll be shared our road trip over a few posts over the next couple of weeks, and I’ll also have some video clips each day on my Instagram Stories if you’d like to see more.


On the first part of our trip, we drove from Ontario to Easton, Pennsylvania, to visit the Crayola Experience. Everywhere that I read about fun things to do with kids in Pennsylvania, it kept showing up and I knew that it would be something all three of us would enjoy doing together.


We couldn’t get over just how large the Crayola Experience really is, with 65,000 ft of activities spread across four floors! Every floor has different attractions, crafts and activities.


They have a great range of activities that work for kids of all ages. Lucy turned two years just a couple of days before we went and was right into it. She looks so serious whenever she is getting creative, ha! This was a fun craft where the kids could dip sticks into melted crayons and make a picture.


Garrett and I had fun playing along with her and getting creative ourselves. In this painting area, they even had a conveyor that dried the artwork right away so that you could tuck it into the little bag they give you when you arrive.


Every floor had new activities that we could do with her and we were able to play with all kinds of different craft mediums, technology and interactive displays.


There were plenty of things to help burn off some energy too, like this massive two storey indoor playground with a huge slide. Garrett and Lucy had a great time running around in there while this pregnant mama put her feet up.


They playground had a huge indoor chalk area with floors and animals the kids could colour.


This spinner might have been Lucy’s favourite display. You loaded crayons into the machine and then they dripped onto a paper disc that spun around at different speeds that you controlled with the level. She loved making it go faster and then slower, while watching the drips spread.


The results were pretty cool!


It was fun to see Lucy get to experience crayons in a different way, like adding one to this machine that melted one down into a new shape (she picked a ring!) that they can take home with them.


We even got to name our own crayons and put the wrappers on them. I made this one for the new baby because we’d just found out the day before that we’re having another girl.


With 25 hands-on attractions, we easily spent three hours there and could have stayed even longer if Lucy wasn’t worn out from having so much fun. It’s a great way to spend a hot day indoors this summer.


The town of Easton, Pennsylvania was lovely to visit as well, with its cute shops and restaurants, and streets lined with historic homes.


It’s right on the border of New Jersey, something we found out accidentally. We drove down one side street, over a little bridge and were suddenly there in under a minute. Garrett and I joked that we can now tick off the box that we’ve been there, ha!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with kids, the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA is definitely worth making a stop on any road trip.

Getting Creative atCrayola ExperiencePennsylvania

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